Nu Ayur Care is an integrated company where ancient Ayurvedic knowledge has been blended with modern technology to provide a unique range of products developed and formulated for personal and healthcare applications. Nu Ayur Care has the core aim to work towards exploiting those wonders of Ayurveda that are relevant in the modern times. India has one of the richest medical plant cultures in the world. People in ancient India had studied and exploited the medicinal benefits from the natural resources. Though the knowledge of medicinal plants was prevalent in our society, traditional and folk medicine faded slowly due to the lack of documentation of the medicinal benefits and more so because of the unscrupulous gathering of medicinal plants and forest encroachment. With the advancement of technology and widespread research in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, the application and utilization of Ayurvedic medicine was reduced. However, with the sometimes-serious side effects of Allopathic medicines, there has been a renewed interest in traditional plant based medicines during the last two decades. Realising that plant medicine is safe and will not produce any adverse effects, has led to the organised farming of medicinal plants.