Aci Care

Aci Care is a uniquely processed proprietary ayurvedic syrup medicine for immediate relief in Hyperacidity and Digestive Disorders.
According to ayurveda the main cause of amla pitta or acidity is aggravated pitta due to irregular food habits, stress and anxiety and excessive consumption of fried and spicy foods.
Emblica Officinalis: Known as amalki in Sanskrit. It is one of the best known rasayan in ayurveda. It helps to prevent infection and helps in the healing of ulcers, and hyperacidity.
Honey: In ayurveda it is considered that honey could be used both as a remedy and as an analeptic. H oney is the natural antacid for Hyperacidity And Flatulence; in addition it acts as a great carrier for ayurvedic medicines. Honey works well to counter H.Pylori infections and ulcers.
Aloe Vera: Trials indicate that aloe vera heals peptic ulcers, controls intestinal secretions to normal levels and controls gastric and intestinal pH. Aloe Vera repairs mucosa and keeps stomach and intestinal mucosa healthy. Healthy mucosa reduces danger of excess acid by secreting more of protective mucous, coating stomach wall.

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