Aloe Trin

ALOETRIN syrup is a uniquely processed proprietary ayurvedic syrup medicine for relief from bad effects due to tobacco habits
Tobacco use is a strong habit, which is very difficult to stop. But the ingredients in Aloe Trin, through their individual and synergistic action, reduce the temptation for tobacco use. Regular use of Aloe Trin also brings beneficial effect on the oral flora. But as every habit is psychosomatic in nature, the duration to get relief may vary from person to person.
Syzygium Aromaticum : Known as Laving. Used in loss of appetite, liver disorders, cough and asthma.
Elatteria Cardamomum : Known as Elaichi It is useful in weakness and bad effects of tobacco.
Acorus Calamus : Known as Vacha It strengthens mind, which helps in increasing motivation to de addiction. .
Zinziber Officinale : Known as Sunthi. It also increases blood flow reduced by nicotine in small arteries.
Aloe Vera: Immuno-modulator and biological vehicle. It helps in recurrent bronchial infections and repairs bronchial mucosa.
Ocimum Sanctum : Tulsi is a great adaptogen, it reduces withdrawal symptoms of tobacco and also the bronchial infections.

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