Alored is uniquely processed Proprietory Ayurvedic syrup Medicine. Effective during anaemia and weakness
Terminalia chebula: Known as haritaki in Sanskrit. There is a special mention in one of the revered texts of ayurveda “Aryabhishak” for use in case of anaemia, for shaman of aggravated pitta to normalize RBC survival.
Terminalia Bellerica: Known as bibhitaki in Sanskrit, It reduces excess heat due to aggravated pitta and it is good for heart.
Emblica Officinalis: Known as Amalki in Sanskrit, It is useful in anaemia, haemorrhage disorders Amalki is rich source of vitamin C. Vit C increases iron absorption from small intestine. Excess Vit C also acts as an antioxidant which prolongs RBC life or early breakdown of iron. Studies show that amla increases red blood cell count and hemoglobin
Combination of three herbs is best known blood purifier and raktavardhak rasayan.
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera greatly enhances the efforts to support patient’s immune system; It also may improve diffusion of oxygen into body's vital organs and tissues thereby enhancing effectivity of hemoglobin.

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