Kole Cart

Kole Cart is a uniquely processed proprietary ayurvedic syrup medicine for modification maintenance and control of healthy cholesterols and triglycerides levels.
Arjun: It decreases LDL cholesterol It is also useful cardiac tonic in heart diseases. It strengthens myocardial muscles
Amalki: studies have suggested that amalaki can reduce the harmful oxidation of cholesterol in humans. Richest source of antioxidant Vitamin “C”, it acts as natural cardio protective.
Shuddha Guggul: LDL cholesterol reduction is significant with guggulu. Useful in any conditions characterized by congestion or stagnation. It also prevents inflammations so plaque formation is limited.
Guduchi: Tridoshashamak cardiotonic, acts specifically on vata-rakta. May help raise cardio protective HDLc levels
Aloe Vera: Immuno-modulator and biological vehicle. It with guduchi synergise the anti inflammatory activity.

Jatamansi: Useful in palpitations.

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