Liv Aloe

Liv Aloe is a uniquely processed proprietary ayurvedic syrup medicine to protect Liver
Liver disease affects people of all ages. The most common liver diseases are viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver diseases, and some children's liver diseases.
Liv Aloe is safe and useful to protect liver from wide spectrum of liver disorders
Aloe Vera: It is an age-old remedy for liver disorders.
Phyllanthus Niruri : Known as Bhumiamalki. Herb of choice for liver problems. It is useful in viral hepatitis
Curcuma Longa : Known as Haridra. Strong antioxidant, antibacterial . Helps regenerate liver cells and cleanses liver of toxins.
Glycyrrhiza Glabra : Known as Yashtimadhu. It exhibits potent anti hepatotoxic activity in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.
Eclipta Alba : In Ayurveda it is recommended to be very useful in enlarged liver, spleen and dropsy.

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