Aloe Pid

Aloe Pid Uniquely Processed Proprietary Ayurvedic syrup Medicine for excess body management and extra inches reduction.
Clerodendron Phlomides: Known as agnimantha in Sanskrit. It is vatakaphagna, useful in vata, kapha, aamdosha, constipation and obesity. 
Commiphora Wightii: Known as guggulu in Sanskrit. It is hypocholesteremic. It regulates the metabolism of adipose tissue and help in decreasing body weight and fat deposition.
Azadirachta Indica: Known as neem in Sanskrit. It is aampachak and helps in obesity with its bitter [ tikta] rasa which neutralizes excess of madhur rasa.
Garcinia: It is found to suppress fatty acid synthesis and food intake, in addition to sparing the use of carbohydrate in the body while causing an increase in fat oxidation
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera improves and stimulates the liver and the kidneys, the principal organs of detoxification. Aloe Vera also has favourable effects upon a number of gastrointestinal parameters.

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