Dipo Nil

Dipo Nil is a uniquely processed prop. Ayurvedic medicine, for safe disintegration and removal of kidney and gallstones.
Tribulus Terrestris: Known as gokshuru in Sanskrit. It acts as diuretic and antiseptic to help in urinary tract infection. By changing urine pH, it has power to break and dissolve small stones.
Bergenia Ligulata: Known as pashanbhed in Sanskrit. It helps to dissolve the stone by correcting the colloid-crystalloid balance.
Fagonia Cretica: Known as dhamas in Sanskrit. . It corrects tridosha. It clears deviated metabolites due to pitta & rakta vikar so no excess load goes to kidney.
Emblica Officinalis: Known as amalki in Sanskrit. It increases body immunity to fight infections hence urinary mucosa is strengthened.
Crateva Nurvala: Known as Varun in Sanskrit. It destroys stones. It is also useful for purification of blood, internal abcess etc
Aloe Vera: By correcting liver metabolism, it corrects and checks excess waste metabolites like uric acid, oxalates etc, which are chief cause of renal stones.

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